Charleston Water System to raise water bills for customers in 2018

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Starting Jan. 1, 2018, the average Charleston Water System customer will see their water bill go up by about $0.09 per day.

"I had no idea, honestly," Charleston Water System customer Lizzie White said. "This is kind of catching me off guard."

Nine cents per day customers will see about a $3.00 increase every month, which means about $36.00 more for the year.

"36 dollars a year adds up, I mean, nobody wants bills to increase," White said.

The Charleston Water System says the increase is necessary because of the city's growth.

"Charleston is a growing area and we have to keep up with that growth and that requires expenditures for infrastructure," Charleston Water System's Mike Saia said.

Some Charleston residents aren't as concerned about the $0.09 increase this time; they're more worried that they could see their bill rise more in the future.

"It's not going to stop growing, so the water bills are going to continue to rise."

Lizzie said that could be a problem because her landlord currently pays for her water bill.

"Down the road, that would be something that they might have to reconsider if the prices keep going up due to the high population in Charleston," White said.

Saia said he can't predict future rate changes. In 2017, there was no increase in rates, but he said it's common to have a small rise every year.

Charleston Water system customer Randy Collins says he doesn't have an issue with the change.

"We're a city of progress, not a city of going backwards, and we have to take care of the infrastructure," Collins said. "We have to take care of the new people who come to town."

Collins' main concern is making sure the money from the new rate goes toward what the company promises.

"We need to also make sure that the money is spent wisely," Collins said.

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