Michael Slager to be sentenced next week for Walter Scott shooting

Michael Slager to be sentenced next week for Walter Scott shooting
Michael Slager's attorneys have filed the opening brief in his appeal case. (Source: Pool)
Walter Scott. (Source: Facebook)
Walter Scott. (Source: Facebook)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - There are three days until Michael Slager's sentencing hearing for his fatal shooting of Walter Scott in 2015.

The former North Charleston police officer pleaded guilty in May to a federal charge of violating Scott's civil rights.

On Monday, a judge will determine if and how long Slager will remain behind bars.

Prosecuters are seeking a life sentence, but Slager's attorney's have suggested a prison sentence of 10 to 12 and half years.

The president of a local civil rights organization, James Johnson with the the National Action Network, will be in court on Monday.

Elder Johnson says he would like the judge to sentence Slager to at least 30 years to life in prison.

"We have to look across this nation," Johnson said."Very few...police officers were sentenced to prison for killing a black man. So this may send a message across this country that if a police officer shoots a man in the back, that they need to spend life in prison."

As part of a plea agreement so that some federal charges and all state charges would be d ropped, Slager pleaded guilty to the federal charge of depriving Walter Scott's civil rights.

There is no jury during this sentencing hearing.

It will be up to the federal judge to determine the sentence which has no mandatory minimum.

The sentencing hearing is expected to last a few days, but there is no set timeline.

"Nobody wins in this," Johnson said. "Water Scott's family lost a son and Michael Slager's family lost a husband and a father. Nobody wins in this situation, and it's very sad. It's very sad."

Attorneys on both sides did not have a comment at this time.

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