Summerville Medical Center debuts new pediatric ambulance

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Summerville Medical Center unveiled a new ambulance on Tuesday that caters specifically to children.

The new pediatric ambulance is the first of its kind for the Summerville Medical Center.

"MedTrust has dedicated a pediatric ambulance with specific equipment and specific safety measures and trained to add to our now-expanding pediatric coverage here at Summerville Medical Center," Director of Pediatric Emergency Department at Summerville Medical Center Douglas Holtzman said.

The Pediatric Emergency Department is a hospital inside Summerville Medical Center that offers services specifically for children.

The department just celebrated its 4-year anniversary on Nov. 1.

"This year alone at the Summerville Pediatric ER we're slated to see 18,000 pediatric visits this year" Holtzman said.

The high volume of patients is exactly what makes this new ambulance so important to the hospital.

"We think it will help us better care for our children, particularly those who have injuries or illnesses out in the community, and we can use this transport system, our clinicians here, to bring those patients in safely," CEO of Summerville Medical Center Lisa Valentine said. "The resources inside the ambulance are essentially the same as any other ambulance. What designates this vehicle as a pediatric ambulance is how much the resources and people inside are trying to make children feel comfortable while they're being transported."

"We have an Xbox that also has the ability to play videos and things like that," CEO of MedTrust Josh Watts said.

"We'll be able to make it a little less traumatic," Holtzman said.

Summerville Medical Center CEO Lisa Valentine says the new ambulance will help the hospital a great deal.

But it's the help they can provide that's most exciting.

"Most importantly, it's going to help our patients and our families, and that's really the most important thing," Valentine said.

The pediatric ambulance will transport people to the Summerville Medical Center, but it will respond to areas all over the Lowcountry.

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