Berkeley Co. Sheriff's Office using decoy packages to catch thieves

Berkeley Co. Sheriff's Office using decoy packages to catch thieves

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Thieves in Berkeley County beware!

Officials with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office say they will be using decoy packages with GPS location devices to catch thieves.

"If we catch someone stealing a package from someone's doorstep you will see them here," BCSO officials said on their Facebook page."They'll be famous, but momma won't be proud."

Sheriff Duane Lewis said they had received reports of package thefts early in the Christmas season, so the sheriff's office decided to look into some new technology including tracking devices.

"So we came up with a plan and put them in packages in different locations in neighborhoods throughout the county," Lewis said.

To help keep the package thieves guessing, deputies will be deploying the decoy packages throughout the county.

"The theory behind it is every day you see packages on people's porches and they're there most of the day," Lewis said. "So this is a way that we will be able to track the package if it's touched or picked up and enable us to arrest them."

Lewis said some people have asked him why he's letting people know the sheriff's office is conducting this operation.

"Well, I believe in letting them know what we're doing," Lewis said."I'm giving them fair warning and I'm letting the people know that we are doing something about it. And we fully intend to arrest anybody that steals these packages off people's porches."

The sheriff said word of the operation got out quickly to neighborhood associations and throughout the communities in Berkeley County

He believes the decoy package operation as well as your neighbors serve as a deterrent to thieves looking to pick off deliveries this holiday season.

"Look out for your neighbor," Lewis said."A lot of people are busy this time of year. They're working, they've got extra jobs for the holidays and all of those things. I'm asking folks to look out for their neighbor and not just their packages. Look out for their neighbor's home or businesses and if they see anything suspicious to please call us. We'll respond immediately and check the situation out."

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