Judge denies bond for woman arrested after man shot in neck, robbed at Hampton Park

KeJuan Mills (Source: Anthony Mills)
KeJuan Mills (Source: Anthony Mills)
KeJuan Mills (Source: Anthony Mills)
KeJuan Mills (Source: Anthony Mills)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A 19-year-old Charleston woman is being held without bond accused of tricking a man she was dating into getting shot and robbed.

Neslyn Berroa went in front of a bond judge Monday afternoon for a shooting that happened Friday night in Hampton Park near Cleveland Street.  The victim identified as KeJuan Mills remains hospitalized after suffering a gunshot wound to his neck in the incident.

Mills told detectives that he believed he was setup by Berroa.

According to the victim's father, Anthony Mills, the two met on Tinder about 11 months ago.

The father says Berroa texted his son Friday night, said she was leaving town and wanted to see him one more time before she left town.

Police say they met at the gazebo, and that she brought along two men wearing ski masks. Police say one of the men had a gun, yelled where's the stuff and shot the victim in the neck.

They then dragged him to a pond.

Cops say the victim played dead, and after the robbers took his car and personal items he ran to The Citadel for help.

Investigators say the victim identified Berroa as being involved in the attack.

The victim is still in the hospital.

Police are still searching for the two accomplices.

If you have any information you are asked to call police or Crime Stoppers at 843-554-1111.

Court documents released in Friday night assault

According to newly released court documents, Berroa messaged the victim asking him to meet her in Hampton Park Friday night.

Authorities say the victim and Berroa then walked to the gazebo, and after 10 minutes two male subjects wearing face masks approached them.

One of the male subjects then pointed a gun at the victim and asked the victim,"Where's the ****?"

The male subject then looked at Berroa and said,"Ima shoot him in the head." The male subject then fired one shot striking the victim in the neck.

Court documents state that once the victim fell to the ground the male subject went into the victim's pockets and removed the victim's wallet, cell phone and car keys.

During this time, authorities say Berroa asked the male subject ,"Did you get the stuff?"

According to investigators, Berroa also asked him,"Did you kill him?"

Authorities say the male subject then dragged the victim several feet before dropping his legs and fleeing the park with Berroa and the other male subject.

The victim said he heard his car start and drive away.

Police say the victim's vehicle was located the following day at the intersection of Roger's Alley and St. Philip Street.

The victim told investigators that he pretended to be dead after he was shot. After Berroa and the two male subjects fled, the victim said he got to his feet and ran for help at The Citadel campus.

The victim told authorities at The Citadel he believed he was set up by Berroa. He was then transported to MUSC.

According to court records, Berroa and the victim have "known each other for approximately 11 months due to casually dating."

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