Carolina Flaggers thrown out of Summerville Christmas Parade

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - The Carolina Flaggers, a southern heritage group that displays the Confederate Flag, was forbidden from marching in the Summerville Christmas Parade on Sunday.

"This was by far the most unfair, and I feel like it was disrespectful," Carolina Flaggers President Braxton Spivey said.

After parade organizers gave Spivey's group permission to march, some people weren't happy. Summerville DREAM, which gave the approval, sent out a note acknowledging people's concerns.

Some even planned to silently protest at the event today. But they quickly realized there was no need.

"I don't know what decision was made, but whoever made the decision, I applaud them," Summerville resident Louis Smith said.

But the Carolina Flaggers were not as happy.

"We never expected them to wait until we were in the middle of a thousand people to make that decision," Carolina Flaggers spokesperson James Bessinger said.

Summerville DREAM said in a statement that the Flaggers were removed because they didn't follow all of their guidelines.

DREAM didn't specify which guidelines the Flaggers violated, but a video taken by a Flagger shows they were given the opportunity to change the number of Confederate flags they displayed.

"I said you could have one confederate flag, you have representations of it on multiple flags," a video said.

The Flaggers say they substituted the two flags like DREAM asked. After that, they say no one said anything else.

"They had plenty of time to pull us out of the parade before we ended up at Main Street, so I'm a little disappointed with how they handled it," Bessenger said.

The Carolina Flaggers said they plan to involve their legal team and possibly sue Summerville DREAM.

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