Conversation on Charleston carriage horse heat limit warms up Monday

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Carriage horse heat regulations continue to be a point of contention in Charleston and the city council is expected to address the issue again Monday.

A proposed change in regard to when carriage horse tours can resume in the heat is scheduled to have its second reading.

Currently, carriage tours can continue when two consecutive readings taken 15 minutes apart are below 95 degrees.

Under the proposed change, carriage tours can resume when the temperature is below 95 degrees or the heat index is below 110 degrees after 30 consecutive minutes from the first temperature reading.

If the temperature goes above during any time during the first 30 minutes – the process starts over. This isn't the only possible change that could take effect industry wide. One carriage tour company recently had its drivers put on body cameras to try and protect from hecklers and possible abuse.

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