Police: Man to face charge after breaking into apartment, getting shot

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Summerville Police say a man who was wounded while reportedly breaking into an apartment Sunday will face a burglary charge.

David Rutledge was expected to be charged with first-degree burglary in connection with an incident at Waters Edge Apartments, an incident report states.

Summerville Police responded Sunday morning at approximately 9:15 a.m. to a reported break-in that ended in a shooting.

When police arrived, the resident of the apartment met them at the front of the building and was placed in handcuffs, patted down for weapons and read his Miranda Rights, the report states. The man told police he was lying in bed when he heard someone banging on the front door. The man asked his girlfriend who it was and she said it was Rutledge, her ex-boyfriend, the report states.

The resident told officers he then heard the door get kicked in and said Rutledge came after him in the bedroom. The resident said he grabbed his girlfriend's gun, which he said was kept by the bed next to them, and shot Rutledge once in the arm.

The report states Rutledge reportedly continued charging at the man and landed on top of him in the bed. The two began fighting for a time until the man choked Rutledge until he stopped fighting, the report states.

After the fight, the man said Rutledge then walked back into the living room and sat down.

The resident had abrasions on the side of his head, a bruise on his chest, a cut on his right knee and his toenail was bent back as a result of the injury, the report states.

Police say Rutledge had two dogs in his pickup truck at the time of the incident. While officers waited for someone to come and pick up the dogs, officers went to the truck to check on them and found a loaded shotgun in the truck's front seat.

Rutledge was transported to a hospital for treatment. The incident report states officers were drawing up a warrant for first-degree burglary against Rutledge and planned to serve him with the warrant Monday.

The resident of the apartment was released at the scene.

Rutledge was being held pending a bond hearing, but the time of the bond hearing was not immediately known.

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