Family of Dorchester Road hit-and-run victim urges those responsible to go to police

McGeady family picture (Source: McGeady family)
McGeady family picture (Source: McGeady family)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - North Charleston Police continue to investigate a deadly hit-and-run that left a 34-year-old man dead Friday.

Dorchester County Coroner Paul Brouthers identified the man as Michael Gavin McGeady Saturday morning.

"[We're] just into pieces," said Ellen McGeady, Mike's mother. "We can barely survive this. We don't know how we're going to go from one day to the next."

Police spokesman Spencer Pryor said McGeady was riding a moped on Dorchester Road near Coosaw Creek Boulevard when he was struck from behind by an unknown vehicle around 10:05 p.m. Friday. The vehicle then fled the scene.

"We heard a knock at the door and it was the police," Ellen said. "We knew as soon as we saw them that something awful had happened."

It's a sight no parent ever wants to see, but it happened for the McGeady family.

Ellen said her son Mike had run to the store to pick up some items, but started to get concerned as the time ticked by.

"I wasn't able to think about anything again," she said. "I just felt like we were all frozen."

Mike's family describes him as the jokester in the family. The one who could change the tune in the room.

"He made everyone laugh or tried to," said Jennifer McGeady, his sister. "He always wanted to be the center of attention, and he usually was because he was always the loudest."

"He could walk into a room full of people he had never met before and leave impressions they would never forget," said Christopher McGeady, his brother.

Coworkers said that personality spilled into his work life in the food and beverage industry.

"He was an all-around great guy and lots of people cared for him," said Harley, a coworker at Olive Garden. "He was super funny and had a lot of potential. I was just blessed to be able to know a man like him."

Hyman's Seafood in downtown Charleston posted to Facebook about their former employee's death, getting hundreds of comments in return.

As for his presence in the family, it went beyond the jokester.

"He loved his niece and his nephews," said Melinda West, another family member. "He was Uncle Mike, their buddies, their partner in crime."

"He taught me how to play guitar," said Victoria Galow-McGeady, his niece. "He taught me how to swim and dive."

According to the family Mike had a passion for music and theatre. Friday he found out about a leading role he got in an upcoming play.

"He called me at work and he was telling me about this play and how it was the complete works of William Shakespeare abridged by Flowertown Players," Christopher said. "He told me how excited he was and how he used one of our favorite movies (Tommy Boy) as his audition piece. Even though I was at work we just went back and forth for ten minutes quoting this movie."

"The last thing that we talked about was how he was so happy he had gotten the part he wanted in a theatre play," Harley said.

Friends have also put together a video montage of Mike singing karaoke.

Now the family is seeking answers as to what happened on Dorchester Road, specifically who is responsible.

"You have hurt a great deal of people and please find it within your conscious to contact the North Charleston Police Department," said Patrick McGeady, Mike's brother.

"Please, please do the right thing," Ellen added.

Pryor said McGeady was also struck by a second vehicle while he was lying in the roadway.

The driver of the second vehicle stopped and waited for authorities to arrive, Pryor said.

"Whoever was there and whoever he spoke to, we just want to tell you thank you for being there," Jennifer said.

At this time there's no information on the suspect vehicle that left the area.

The North Charleston Police Department and Coroner's Office are investigating.

McGeady's funeral service will be held Wednesday, December 13 in Temple of Beth Elohim Reform Congregation (90 Hasell Street) at 12 p.m.

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