Lowcountry girl searching for human skull gets wish granted

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Lowcountry girl who has been looking for a human skull to add to her 200-plus collection has had her wish gr anted.

8-year-old Jhazmyne's dad posted a Craigslist ad looking for a human skull in October.

After several odd responses, a local family contacted her dad looking to sell their medically used skull.

"I plan on studying the different parts of it," Jhazmyne said.

Jhazmyne isn't just learning for herself, she's already planning ways to help her friends and classmates learn too.

"I'm kind of planning on learning about it by getting a piece of paper and drawing the skull and naming all the parts," Jhazmyne said."I would want to take that into school and show my friends so people can learn about the human skull."

Jhazmyne's search for a skull has brought her more than just the skull, other people have donated bones and fossils for not only her collection but also to her school.

Jhazmyne is also inspiring other kids to start their own collection, not only in the Lowcountry but across the country.

"Someone in California, they saw my news article. And there's a girl named Layla, and she's pen pals with me now," Jhazmyne said.

Layla told Jhazmyne how she has inspired her, and Jhazmyne will now be helping her start her own collection.

Jhazmyne is now on the hunt for more human bones to complete a skeleton.

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