Construction company removes tree in Mt. Pleasant veteran's yard

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A World War II veteran has been confined to his home in Mount Pleasant for nearly a year, after a construction company caused trees to take over his backyard.

"I love my country and I served it the best I could. They told me what to do and I did it," William "Dave" Sturkie said.

The 93-year old, blind veteran joined the navy at age 17.

"Watch out world, here we come! I went to the Pacific where I served on my ship," Sturkie said.

Today, he lives a quiet life focused on enjoying the sanctuary he created in his backyard.

"It's a little place where you go and enjoy yourself, have coffee," Sturkie said.

"This was his relaxation," family friend and caretaker A.G. said.

Ten months ago that all changed when Beazer Construction started renovating the property adjacent to Sturkie's backyard.

"When they loosened the soil and the roots, the trees started to fall," A.G. explained.

Sturkie said Beazer cleaned up many of the other trees, but not the one in his backyard despite promising to do so multiple times.

That's why they went to lawmakers for help.

"Mr. Sturkie could not come out of his backyard for those 10 months," A.G. said. "This was hard on him and we had congressman Mark Sanford and Sen. Lindsay Graham step in."

"I couldn't sit back there. There were limbs falling all over me," Sturkie said.

Finally, this morning, Beazer took down the tree.

"I'm delighted. For 10 months I wanted it gone," Sturkie said.

Now, the tree that was crashing into his yard is a stump.

Sturkie says the next step is restoring his yard to the mecca it once used to be.

"He'll enjoy it. He's been very frustrated that he couldn't come out when he wanted to," A.G. said. "We look forward to this being completed and him getting back in his yard and finally back to his normal life."

Sturkie's caretaker says Beazer Construction has promised to fix up the rest of his backyard that has been damaged by trees and debris.

We reached out to Beazer and have not yet received a response.

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