Charleston woman bitten by shark on honeymoon; video goes viral

Source: Sarah Illig
Source: Sarah Illig

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Newlywed couple Sarah Illig and Evan Carroll left for their honeymoon expecting a relaxing trip.

"We had no idea that it would be so crazy," Illig said.

For most of their trip, it wasn't.

But on Friday, things took an unexpected turn.

"This is where it latched on," Illig said as she showed the healing wound on her arm. "And this was actually just the most painful part because of the flesh wound."

The wound on Illig's forearm came from a shark bite which happened while she and her husband were snorkeling in the Caribbean.

"It felt like five or six hands just grabbed down on my arm," Illig said. "And then less than a second later, it really started to really hurt and I was able to move this way and actually kind of see what was happening. And I just kind of saw the shark latched on."

Thankfully, the shark let her go just a second later.

Just as quickly as it happened, Illig and her husband went to work.

"For the first few days, we just had it wrapped, kept it dry cleaned it with Neosporin a few times a day," Illig said.

After they made sure Illig was alright, her husband put the video online. Neither of them expected what happened next.

"I didn't think Evan or I was interesting enough for it to go viral," Illig said.

But very quickly, it did.

The couple has heard from dozens of media outlets and even appeared on Good Morning America.

It's been a cool experience for them, but Sarah says it's not what's important.

"We're so happy that I'm okay, and just as importantly, we're so happy that the shark is okay," Illig said. "We were worried about her. I'm sure it was really scary for her to mistake me as food."

Illig says she's glad this all happened at the end of their trip instead of the beginning.

And surprisingly, she says this won't stop her from going in the ocean in the future.

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