Colleton Co. High suspends 16 students for inappropriate Snapchat posts

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - Sixteen Colleton County High School students have been suspended for what the school district says were inappropriate posts about other students on the app Snapchat.

School district officials say they were made aware of the posts on Thursday and took immediate action to ensure minimal disruption of the school environment.

The comments apparently were made Thursday night and not at school.

Robert Reeves says his daughter was one of the students who was suspended.

"It was just a game on Snapchat that my child got mixed up in," he said.

Reeves says his daughter and other students were playing a game on the app called "Who's the B---h?"

"Who is the ugliest of the school, different things like that, just a Snapchat game," he said. "Some of the kids went a little too far with it but my child got kicked out of school for three days."

Reeves says he feels the school district overreacted.

"Yes I think they made it worse and made it a bigger deal out of it than what it should have been," he said. "The school district needs to worry about what's going on in school, not what's going on on social media between kids."

Reeves says his daughter will perform community service to make her school record clean.

The school district says the students were disciplined in accordance with the district's Code of Student Conduct.

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