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'It's my lifeline': Wheelchair stolen out of Upstate man's driveway, returned days later

Ben Humphries (FOX Carolina/ 12/15/17) Ben Humphries (FOX Carolina/ 12/15/17)
Wheelchair found on Sunday. (Credit: Ben Humphries) Wheelchair found on Sunday. (Credit: Ben Humphries)
Wheelchair found on Sunday. (Credit: Ben Humphries) Wheelchair found on Sunday. (Credit: Ben Humphries)

"My heart just sank. After everything I've been through, it bottomed out and I was just at a loss," said Ben Humphries.

An empty driveway is an image that created a heart-sinking feeling for Humphries as he realized what he relies on everyday, was taken from right outside his driveway. 

"That wheelchair is everything. It is my mobility, it is my lifeline...and when they took it, they took part of my life," Humphries explained. 

It happened Friday morning in a Simpsonville neighborhood. He said his neighbors are like family. 

"I wasn't planning on getting out of my truck until I got back home. I left my wheelchair in the driveway. I got in my truck went to pick up Bailey, and take her to school. Came back and the wheelchair was gone," he said.

The suspect, not just taking a chair and two wheels, but also a way for this man to live.

He explained how his life changed in July of 2017. 

"Gentleman pulled out in front of me, not looking, not paying attention, ran a stop sign," Humphries explained. "There was no time whatsoever, and I slammed right into the back end of his car. I broke my leg, the doctors tried to save it, caught an infection, and they had to amputate." 

Still, Humphries wasn't going to let the theft affect his willpower to keep going.

"You have to keep pushing. No matter how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you can get back up and keep pushing forward," Humphries said. "I keep hearing my grandmother's voice inside my head saying if somebody took something from you, they probably need it more than you do. You've got to get up, dust yourself off and just keep going forward."

With the hope still alive, residents in the Upstate began sharing his story, and searching for Humphries' wheelchair. And then on Sunday, Humphries said he pulled into his driveway and saw his wheelchair sitting right beside his mailbox.

He said there was no damage to the chair and no note or anything on it, but he is glad to have it back. He said he's left with just one question: Why? 

"That question is still there, I want to know why," Humphries said. "If they are in need of it, they should come talk to me." 

At this time, there is no suspect. 

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