Sentencing date for armed robbery set for former suspect in Drexel disappearance

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A sentencing date is set for the man once accused in Brittanee Drexel's disappearance and who later pleaded guilty to an armed robbery charge.

Timothy Taylor will be sentenced on Jan. 16 on a 2011 armed robbery charge stemming from an incident at a Mount Pleasant fast food restaurant.

He pleaded guilty to the charges in July and was rearrested in October after he violated his release terms, authorities say.

On Wednesday, a federal magistrate ruled Taylor would have to remain in jail until his sentencing hearing. Taylor requested to be released on bond while he waited for his sentence. Taylor's lawyer hoped Taylor would be released in the meantime because a sentencing hearing could not be scheduled until mid-January.

The magistrate judge denied the request.

Drexel, who lived in Rochester, New York, disappeared from the Myrtle Beach area during spring break in April 2009. Drexel was 17 at the time she vanished.

A little over an hour after Brittanee's last text message, investigators say her cell phone was pinging from a tower along the border of Georgetown and Charleston County.

Federal investigators say a jailhouse informant told them Taylor and his father were directly involved in Drexel's murder. But Taylor's attorney said Taylor was in class at school at the time Drexel was supposedly killed.

Taylor was never officially charged in Drexel's disappearance.

Taylor faces up to 20 years in prison in connection with the fast-food robbery.

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