Kingstree police investigate fight that broke out at fast food restaurant

KINGSTREE, SC (WCSC) - Kingstree police are investigating a fight that broke out at a fast food restaurant Saturday night leaving at least one person injured.

Officers responded to the McDonald's on North Longstreet Street around 10 p.m. Saturday.

Wednesday locals said news of the fight had spread across town over the last few days.

Hezekiah Pressley believes the dispute started at the Kingstree Senior High School basketball game against Hemingway High School, a rivalry game.

From there, cell phone video captured via Snapchat shows a fight breaking out at the McDonald's. In the video dozens of young men and women can be seen grabbing each other and throwing punches.

Sherita Hardy's son was a bystander during the fight, and said part of the group moved to the Huddle House down the street after the incident where another fight almost broke out.

"They wouldn't even let anybody in the Huddle House to eat," Hardy said. "I'm glad that everything was okay, because my son was in the midst of all of that."

"I would not want something like that to be going on when I'm in that place because other innocent people could have gotten hurt besides who was already hurt," said Diane Conyers, of Kingstree.

"[My son] said it was a bunch of girls that started it and from there it was like a riot," Hardy added. "He said they were throwing chairs and everything."

While Hardy said her son wasn't hurt, he knew of others who were.

"[They] got knocked over and she got pushed on the ground and trampled over," she said.

"Fighting doesn't take care of the situation," Conyers said. "It only makes matters worse."

"It doesn't makes sense to me," added Pressley. "Why can't you just go out have a good time and then go home."

Details surrounding the fight were not immediately released by the police, but a lieutenant with the department said no arrests have been made at this time.

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