Mount Pleasant's Old Village concerned with new street sign policy

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Town of Mount Pleasant started a three-part notification process Wednesday about new signs going up in the Old Village.

Residents in the Old Village are split over the street signs.

Some people say the existing, cement posts are not visible enough.

Other residents say the cement posts preserve the historic atmosphere of the old village.

"Keep them updated. Make them more visible and easier to read at night," said Kyle Severes, an Old Village resident.

"I love them but it's hard to notice them. They're a little old and outdated," said Thomas Connolly.

"I like them a lot, we've always had them like that," Pam French said.

French has been in the neighborhood for more than four decades.

"I've always thought it was charming to have something besides those metal posts with signs on them," French said."I was actually thinking of reflective paint on the posts instead of these benign, green, tacky, flashy signs."

"I love the concrete signs, the feel of them, and aesthetically they match the feel of the Village and they can be read from far away," Old Village resident Rick Sargent said. "We love the cement posts. It's tradition and this neighborhood, being the old Mount Pleasant, it maintains the same aesthetic that we've always liked here."

The Town of Mount Pleasant's Transportation Department reports it is compromising with the neighborhood.

The National Highway Administration requires street signs across the entire nation to have a certain degree of reflection.

The town will add signs that meet the NHA requirements but will still keep the old, cement posts in the Old Village.

"It's something you have to do," Connolly said."I don't know how it would look like with two signs. I think it'll be weird but you'll definitely notice it."

The department anticipated the Old Village will have new signs by mid-February 2018.

To see the Town of Mount Pleasant's Street Sign Replacement Police in its entirety, click this link.

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