Higher number of bronchitis cases showing up across the Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - As the holidays approach so do the holiday illnesses, and bronchitis is already showing up across the Lowcountry.

"Number one thing is bronchitis, basically," Dr. David Wright with Health First said. "We're seeing very little flu, 2 or 3 cases a day. A little bit of strep, that sort of thing. But most things end up in the chest."

Wright said on Wednesday he'd seen 40 cases of bronchitis, and seventy percent of his patients have come in with the same symptoms for the illness.

"People present with a dry hacky couch, the kind of cough that keeps up at night and have to sit up on pillows and not bring a whole lot up, " he said."The kind of cough your coworkers go tell you to see a doctor about. Your spouse kicks you to the couch in the living room kind of couch. We call it the hundred-day cough. If you don't treat it, it goes on for months."

Wright said it's better to get it checked out early, that way the medication can start working sooner, especially with more people traveling in the upcoming days.

"People go through airports and get tons of exposure with other people who are sick and in an enclosed cabin," Wright said. "So air travels is a good way to spread infection. Then you go to other parts of the country and get strands that don't exist in your hometown."

Wright said you don't have to travel to get it. This time of year as more people are in closer corners, it's easier to spread.

"All the congregation of children in a school setting and they get sick, and they don't have boundaries, they're all in each other's space and spread it," he said."Take it home to mom and dad, mom and dad take it to Walmart, and the work place and it's everywhere."

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