Christmas tradition gone viral on social media and homes across the country

Last Christmas, a family took on a challenge to spread kindness in a unique way. This post on Facebook went viral - liked over 200,000 times and shared over 130,000 times! The Gwin family is excited to continue the tradition this year and that it's been adopted in homes across the country. 

"I love that this is getting spread across the country again this year! I had a friend in C.A. make a basket and now sharing in S.C. - coast to coast! I know it’s gone international, too!" said Lisa Betts Gwin of Alexandria, L.A.

Gwin hopes that the post will encourage people to show kindness anytime, not only on Christmas. "Keep it going and #ShowKindness!" Gwin said. 

Want to #ShowKindness? Like the post says, take the idea and run with it for anybody you find deserving!

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Lisa Betts Gwin and her family is from Alexandria, L.A. She is a mom of 2 and Owner/Graphic designer. She co-owns a screen printing company with her husband, Blue Moon Screen Printing, LLC.