Officers searching for person of interest in Goose Creek home invasion, sexual assault

Surveillance images of person of interest. (Source: GCPD)
Surveillance images of person of interest. (Source: GCPD)
The vehicle the person of interest was seen getting into at Speedway. (Source: GCPD)
The vehicle the person of interest was seen getting into at Speedway. (Source: GCPD)

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - Investigators say they are searching for a person of interest in connection to a home invasion in Goose Creek where an 81-year-old woman was sexually assaulted.

Goose Creek police released pictures and video of an individual they say is a person of interest for an incident that happened at the Cadbury subdivision off of St. James Avenue Thursday afternoon.

According to police, an 81-year-old woman was forced at knife-point to perform a sexual act on a man then was robbed of cash and credit cards.

"The female escaped the residence as the suspect was attempting to force her into her automobile in the garage of the residence," GCPD officials said. "She fled to a neighbor's home where GCPD was contacted."

Police officials say after the incident, surveillance footage showed a man using the victim's credit card at a Speedway on Dorchester Road.

The images, which included the vehicle the person of interest was seen getting out of, were captured on surveillance cameras.

"The subject was seen arriving and leaving the convenience store in a white late model Ford Focus," police said.

Anyone with information about the identity of the pictured subject or any other information related to this case to is asked to contact GCPD at (843) 572-4300 or Crime Stoppers at (843) 554-1111. Crime Stoppers tips are anonymous and tips leading to an arrest are subject to financial award.

Police officers respond to break-in in progress at Goose Creek neighborhood

The investigation started Thursday afternoon when police officers responded to a call for a break-in in progress at a home in the Cadbury subdivision.

When officers arrived they found that someone had opened several drawers appearing as if someone had rummaged through them.

The victim was eventually found at a neighbor's home. The neighbor said she heard someone banging on her door and the sound of a woman screaming. When she opened her door she found the victim lying on her front porch.

The victim told investigators it all started when she heard someone knock on her front door. She said when she opened the door she saw a tall skinny black male wearing a mask and holding a knife.

According to the victim, when she attempted to shut the door, the male subject over powered her and got inside of the home.

The victim said the subject shut the door, held the knife towards her and demanded money from her. The victim told police after giving money to the man, and after she could not provide any more money, the subject told her to take him to her bedroom.

A report states the man pointed the knife towards the victim's back as she walked into her guest bedroom.

The man then forced the victim to perform a sexual act on him, a police report states.

According to the victim, when the subject realized the room was not the master bedroom, he grabbed the victim and dragged her to the other bedroom.

The victim said the man then forced her into a walk-in closet and began rummaging through the dresser drawers.

The report states after the man did not find any valuables, he demanded that she give him her debit card and access pin number.

The victim said she did not know her pin number and only used a photo ID. According to the victim, the man then forced her to get dressed and accompany him to her bank.

The victim told officers that when she opened the garage, and as the suspect was walking towards the passenger side of the vehicle, she ran from the garage.

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