Homeless receive free food, health checkups at Mother Emanuel

VIDEO: Homeless receive free food, health checkups at Mother Emanuel

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Saturday was unusually busy at Mother Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston as homeless people and those in need stopped by for a free meal.

"They have breakfast, full course meal," meal recipient Beverly Sharpe said. "They have bacon, eggs, sausage, I mean the works."

The event was organized by a small group of church members and other volunteers.

"We are feeding the homeless, the elderly, the needy," event organizer Elnora Taylor said. "Matter of fact, anyone who wants to come down and eat. Like I said, this is the Christmas season."

It's a Christmas season the volunteers want to make sure even the homeless will enjoy. That's why they offered a free meal and free basic health checkups on Saturday.

"Oh, I had an awesome time here. I met people that I haven't seen in years."

One of those people was Carolyn Whaley. She was helping test people's blood pressure and cholesterol.

"They need these screenings so it can prevent death in some cases," Whaley said. "So, I think it's very important."

Sharpe said she also sees that importance and she's appreciative the volunteers were there to help.

"I'm very grateful for what they're doing today, and I'm glad of the outpour of people that came out," Sharpe said.

But Sharpe is also glad because she didn't have to feel alone during the holiday season.

"I'm glad that I could come to a place and socialize and just have the warm welcome," Sharpe said.

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