Christmas gas prices stay low in Charleston despite high national average

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Many drivers were glad to see low gas prices Christmas day as some people started hitting the roads to make it back home after traveling for the holiday.

Gas Buddy reported that the national average cost of gas on Christmas Day was the highest this year since 2013. Monday's average was $2.39 per gallon, the highest since 2013.

This year's average marks a 12-cent d rop since Thanksgiving, but it's also 11 cents higher than Christmas last year.

Gas buddy reports that gas prices in every state, including South Carolina, have been d ropping in the last month. In Charleston especially, gas prices of been declining since around the beginning of September. That's around the time that hurricane Irma was about to head and gas prices rose exponentially.

Some Charleston residents said they notice the city's low gas prices and chose to fill up their tanks there to take advantage of the cost.

"I travel a lot and gas prices all over have been crazy and Charleston is where I try to fill up first and then get my rest on the road," Charleston resident Scott Ayers said.

Visitors to the Charleston area also noticed the city's comparatively low cost of gas.

"That's why I'm filling up, because it was $2.39 when I filled up, and here $2.19, and right off of the interstate I saw $2.13," Lori Creasey said, who is visiting from Florida. "So, much cheaper than Florida."

People from Charleston also said they're especially noticing lower gas prices now because of what happened back at the beginning of September. That's around the time that Hurricane Irma was about to hit and gas prices were rising.

For people from other areas of the country, the city's lower gas prices are a sight for sore eyes.

"We're from California, so the prices here are super low," Kathleen Add said, who recently moved to Charleston with her mother from California.

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