Man accused of spraying feces in West Ashley grocery store arraigned on federal charges

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The man accused of spraying feces in the salad bar of a West Ashley grocery store was arraigned on federal charges Wednesday.

Pau Suan Hang, 41, is facing federal charges of tampering with consumer products and intent to cause serious injury to the business after officials say he admitted to detectives that he sprayed the produce with a substance containing his feces and urine that he mixed in his vehicle prior to entering the business in October.

At the arraignment, Hang told the judge he was born in Burma and does not fully understand English. As a result, it appeared it was difficult for Hang to fully understand the charges against him.

Hang was approved for a court-appointed attorney.

Hang also faces three additional state charges of malicious injury to personal property, trespass after notice and tampering with food products.

Officials identified Hang as a disgruntled, former contractor at the Harris Teeter store on 975 Savannah Highway.

According to authorities, surveillance video showed the suspect spraying the contents of the bottle onto the produce and "adjacent fresh food departments." In addition to the produce, investigators said he sprayed the mixture on deli food, the salad bar, and the sushi bar.

If convicted, Hang faces up to 10 years in prison for the tampering with consumer products charge and three years for the intent to cause serious injury charge.

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