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New glasses allow Gardendale teen to see true colors for the first time

(Source: WBRC video) (Source: WBRC video)

It was quite a Christmas present for 19-year-old Luke Hall of Gardendale.

Luke has had a red-green color blindness all his life. But on Christmas Day, his grandparents bought him a pair of special glasses which allow him to see true colors. 

"Then I looked at my brother's shoes he got. I noticed they were green and I could tell they were green, not just not knowing but seeing," Hall said.

Luke's mother videotaped him getting the present on Christmas Day and being overcome with emotion at seeing colors for the first time. "I was just overwhelmed. Just overwhelmed by the moment. I couldn't believe I was actually seeing," Hall said.

The glasses have an amber tint, but Luke sees a clear picture of the world. Luke is a lifelong Alabama fan, so he enjoys seeing the Crimson Tide in all of its colors which is something he has not been able to do in the past. 

Luke wants others who have the same color blindness to look into purchasing these types of glasses. Some glasses are below $100. His glasses from Pilestone are just under $400. But, Luke wants them to know they are worth every penny.

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