$5k reward offered in connection with thefts at Wendy's restaurants

(source: Live 5 News)
(source: Live 5 News)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A $5,000 reward is being offered in connection with a series of break-ins and thefts at Wendy's restaurants in the tri-county area.

The reward is being offered by the owners of several restaurants.

The targeted Wendy's are in West Ashley, North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant and Ladson.

Owner Cina Haas says the break-ins began back in September at the restaurant on Sam Rittenberg Boulevard.

Surveillance video of the Wendy's at Rivers Avenue shows two men wearing heavy jackets and hoods inside the establishment.

Haas says they got in by throwing a brick through the front glass door.

She says in each incident the thieves went straight to the safe.

"When we pulled together our resources, we looked at the videos and photos and we're pretty sure it's the same group of people," Haas said Friday. "We see two people. We feel as though there's probably others that are in getaway vehicles."

Haas is concerned the burglars will continue their crime spree until they are caught.

"My fear is that they're going to get a little more brazen and someone's gonna get hurt. Either they're going to get hurt or our team members are going to get hurt," Haas said. "It is very frustrating. My team works very hard and they just like to feel secure. But just as in your own home when someone breaks into your business, this is our home and it's starting to affect my team and their sense of security."

She is hoping the reward will help to identify the thieves and put them behind bars.

"That's a pretty good payout and you didn't have to rob anybody," Haas said.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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