Experts: Keep thermostat down to keep heating costs down

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - With wintry weather on the way, officials with local utilities suggest keeping your thermostat down to save on heating costs.

"The one thing customers need to remember is that the colder it gets outside, the more energy, more electricity it takes to heat your house," Santee Cooper spokeswoman Mollie Gore said Tuesday.

Gore says it's possible to stay warm and at the same time, keep your heating costs down.

She suggests setting your thermostat to 68 degrees or lower between six and nine a.m.

Gore says that's the time most people are getting ready for work or school and use the most electricity.

"Limit that hot shower, make it a quick one. Don't use your major appliances during that time of day," Gore said.

Some other tips from the experts: Turn off any lights that don't have to be on, and make sure all air and heating vents are opened and not blocked.

Some folks are willing to take that advice.

"This area itself never has this kind of weather, so there's no reason to be using too much energy. A little bit goes a long way," Pat Evans said.

"Uh, negative. "I'll try to stay warm," Mike Hawkins said.

Others say they have no choice but to keep the thermostat high.

"Some of my pipes are frozen. I have to leave it at least at 72," Margaret Gourdin said.

But for those who can afford to live without high heat for a few days, Gore says they will save money.

"Ultimately save you a little bit on that electric bill," Gore said.

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