Highway Patrol shares driving tips for winter weather

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - With snow and ice in the forecast, Highway Patrol has some tips for driving if you can't stay off the roads.

There are expected to be some dangerous conditions on Wednesday.

South Carolina Department of Transportation crews prepped roads on Tuesday in anticipation of the snow and ice to help keep drivers safe.

Crews have been spraying brine on roads and bridges, a liquid to help prevent the build up of snow and ice.

"I've driven on ice before. I don't like that. I probably won't drive if there's ice on the road," said Charleston area resident Joseph Roberts.

Lance Corporal Matt Southern with the South Carolina Highway Patrol is encouraging people to stay home if you can, but shares advice for if you can't.

"First and foremost slow down, keep your distance, give yourself ample time at the beginning of your trip and at the end of your trip to get to your destination safely," Southern said.

Highway Patrol is increasing the amount of troopers on the road by bringing them from other parts of the state to assist with mechanical issues and crashes.

"I love the cold weather," Charleston area resident Troy Bell said. "I'm a Charlestonian. I moved away a long time. Been back home now 10 years."

Not everyone in Charleston has winter weather driving experience like Bell who used to live in Virginia before moving back to Charleston.

Roberts has lived in Charleston all his life.

"They don't drive too good, they're not used to it. They try to barrel though ice and it's not good," Roberts said.

Here's some more tips for diving in the snow and ice:

  • Break gently it will help you avoid skidding
  • You should slow your acceleration, speed and steering
  • Be especially careful on bridges and overpasses they typically freeze first, avoid them if you can

For a detailed list of driving tips provided by Highway Patrol visit this site http://www.scdps.gov/schp/WinterWeatherDrivingTip2.pdf.

SCDOT Crews will be salting the roads early in the morning. 

If road conditions get too dangerous law enforcement will make the call on whether or not to shut down icy bridges as they did last week.

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