Melting snow allows tow truck drivers to help stranded motorists

. - The melting snow on Thursday allowed tow truck drivers to get on the roads to help stranded motorists.

Drivers for Jennings Towing had to wait for improving road conditions to go back to work.

"It sucks, no sleep, hard working, cold," Crisp said Thursday afternoon.

On Wednesday, Crisp worked till midnight.

"Accidents. I done about ten of them yesterday right here in Charleston," Crisp said.

Crisp had to wait for the snow to start melting before hitting the road again. Otherwise he could be in danger.

"Other people can't stop. As soon as they hit the ice, they can't stop, hit my truck," Crisp said.

Crisp's first call Thursday was to a stranded motorist on James Island.

The driver, Kelly Ding, said he tried to turn around Wednesday on Landsdowne Drive on James Island. Ding said he turned into what he thought was a driveway.

"I live at 1140, so I just thought it was a driveway covered by snow," Ding said.

It turned out to be a ditch.

Ding's neighbors couldn't get it out.

Ding called Jennings Towing.

Crisp was able to use a winch on his truck to pull the car out of the ditch.

Ding said the car is a rental and fortunately had no damage.

Jennings Towing has the contract for members of AAA.

An official said they have a backlog of calls and that drivers who need help should expect to have to wait.

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