Authorities warn roads will freeze again Friday night

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities are warning drivers that roads will freeze again Friday night and form patches of ice.

State troopers are concerned a lot of folks may assume the worst was over. But authorities are not yet giving the all clear yet.

Cars spinning their wheels and going nowhere have been a common sight this week.

"I come from Hollywood. There's like five wrecks on 162 right there, it's crazy," Rick Priester said.

For the most part, the roads looked a lot better Friday. But in many spots, ice is still an issue.

"I was going like five miles an hour the whole way. I'm like white knuckle the whole way," Priester said.

"Trying to get off the roads. When it gets dark it gets bad, people don't know how to drive around here," Angelika Finnell said.

"If you are out today use extreme caution," South Carolina Highway Patrol Sergeant Bob Beres said.

Beres says he has seen so many accidents.

"We've seen a van flipped in Berkeley County, people sliding on ice," Beres said.

A car apparently slid on the ice and went down an embankment on Savannah Highway.

Ice dangers closed a portion of Ladson Road and a part of Main Road on Johns Island. And even though sand was dumped in some places, that doesn't mean it's safe to drive faster.

"Slow, Drive slow, very very slow and that's all I can say, just take it slow," Adams Run resident Leo Robinson said.

"Just trying to go slower and make sure I'm watching out for those ice patches they say is on there," Finnell said.

Anyway you measure it, it's been a rough few days. Friday night promises to be another icy one.

"Don't go out, it's not worth it," Priester suggested.

Beres says if you do go out leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you just in case you stop or start to slide.

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