WATCH LIVE: Live 5 Ice Desk melts as temperatures rise

The desk was "feeling the heat" by Tuesday. (Source: Live 5)
The desk was "feeling the heat" by Tuesday. (Source: Live 5)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It took four days for the Live 5 Ice Desk to melt into a puddle of water and red glitter.

The desk began as a makeshift science experiment after a winter storm dumped several inches of snow and ice over the area on Jan. 3.

It was placed on the station's weather gazebo at our West Ashley studios and made its debut Friday during Live 5 News at Noon.

The ice sculpture was created by Ice Age Ice Sculptures in Summerville and sponsored by Crews Chevrolet.

It showed little sign of melting during the weekend when temperatures stayed in the 30s and returned well into the 20s overnight.

But Monday's high reached 55 degrees and Tuesday was even warmer, reaching the mid 60s, temperatures that were too much for all of the ice to survive.

Click play below to watch a live stream of the last of the Live 5 Ice Desk:

By mid-afternoon Tuesday, the Live 5 glittery logo had begun to melt and one side of the desk collapsed.

By late afternoon, the base of the desk slid off of its platform and crashed onto the gazebo's floor.

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