Honeymooners among travelers stuck at Charleston International Airport

Honeymooners among travelers stuck at Charleston International Airport
Snow falls on a plane at Charleston International Airport in January (Source: Viewer)

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Charleston International Airport executive director and CEO Paul Campbell said there will most likely not be flights in or out of the airport Friday but that the airport will be open around lunch time on Saturday,

Unfortunately, that isn't soon enough for the Freemans. Josh and Jenna Freeman were married this past Sunday in a New Year's Eve wedding, After the wedding, they planned to escape Chicago's cold and warm up in Charleston Tuesday night.

"I've never seen palm trees with snow, so that's a first," Josh Freeman said.

"We got in, a lot of restaurants were starting to shut down but we got dinner and then on Wednesday the whole city shut down," Jenna Freeman said,

Just as Charleston is starting to warm back up, the newlyweds are at the airport trying to return to the Windy City.

"We can't leave. All flights are canceled. And nobody told us until we got to the airport," Josh Freeman said.

"I live in South Carolina not South Dakota. I'm not used to the conditions of South Dakota but I'm happy that we're making the progress that we are," executive director and CEO of Charleston International Airport Paul Campbell said, "Mother Nature is working with us. We've had a significant amount of melting this afternoon. I know it's going to refreeze tonight but if we can get the moisture off the runways this afternoon, we'll be in much better shape tomorrow. At some point, we should be back to full schedule tomorrow."

The Freemans aren't taking any chances. They're driving to Columbia to hopefully catch a flight Saturday.

"Reagan from Columbia and then O'Hare," Jenna Freeman explained. "Back to Chicago."

"Back to Chicago," Josh Freeman echoed.

United Airlines representatives told the Freemans they might not be able to get on a flight from Charleston to Chicago until Tuesday.

"We don't want you to just get on an airplane. We want you to get on and off the runway safely. If you're on an airplane coming here, we want you to land safely," Campbell said. "Safety is our top priority at the airport. It's been interesting- no one expects eight inches of snow in Charleston!"

As for the Freemans, they say they will return to Charleston but probably not during the winter months.

"In a few years," Jenna Freeman said, "Maybe in the summertime but eventually."

"When we know there's not going to be a snowpocolypse," Josh Freeman said. "We'll come back."

If you have a flight that has been canceled, the airport is asking you call your airline about re-booking.

To check on future flights, you can find an updated list at iflychs.com.