Folly Road residents trying to get back to normal after winter storm

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Tonight, Folly Beach is still in a state of emergency.

With icy roads refreezing as temperatures dip back down overnight.

The bridges onto the edge of America are open but city officials say to plan for more bridge closures.

With snow covered beaches and icy bridges for those living on the island it's been an adventure.

Also an adventure for the only grocery store on the island.

With the roads covered in ice, Burt's has been the only option.

"Burt's, we may doze, but we never close," they have been living up to that motto. When just about everything else was shut down.

It's been a strange few days where people have had no where to go and beaches are covered in snow.

But some say they're ready for this surreal white world to be over and get back to the grind or for some the waves.

Folly City officials say they are still urging everyone to stay off the road, especially overnight when the refreezing will be happening.

They also say to expect low way pressure due to the cold temperatures.

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