Woman accused of vandalizing buildings in Charleston with anti-police, anarchy graffiti

Woman accused of vandalizing buildings in Charleston with anti-police, anarchy graffiti

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Investigators have arrested a woman accused of vandalizing several buildings in downtown Charleston with anti-police and anarchy graffiti.

The Charleston Police Department arrested 22-year-old Makenzie Leigh Ruppe on Saturday and charged her with six counts of damage to real property.

According to police, Ruppe tagged the TD Bank at 40 Calhoun Street with "Kill Capitalism, Kill Cops" and anarchy symbols.

Police say she also tagged a house on Charlotte Street with an anarchy symbol, and another house on the same street with "**** HM."

At the New Tabernacle Fourth Baptist Church on Elizabeth Street Ruppe tagged the building with "Kill Cops" at two separate locations and an anarchy symbol, according to a police.

She is also accused of tagging an address in front of a house on Washington Street with "**** cops."

A report states she also tagged Cobb Architects on Washington Street with "Kill Cops."

Charleston police respond to complaint about spray painting

The investigation into the incident started on Saturday morning when an officer responded to Washington Street for a report of someone seen spray painting different buildings in the area.

When the officer arrived on scene he saw a woman who fit the description of the suspect. A complainant positively identified the woman as the suspect eventually identified as Ruppe.

A report states that Ruppe told the officer she had several spray paint cans in her possession, and when she was asked why she said she "was an art student, and was working on a canvas."

The officer noted that Ruppe had black spray paint on her pants as well as her face.

Investigators say the vandalisms followed a trail leading from where the suspect was detained to her home on Reid Street.

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