Summerville High School student accused of making shooting threats on social media

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Police have arrested a Summerville High school student accused of making threats on social media about a possible shooting at the school.

Authorities contacted Summerville High School Assistant Principal Michelle Leviner and notified her of the situation Tuesday.

Leviner said she became of aware of the situation earlier in the day when the social media posts were forwarded to her and contacted the student and his parents for Wednesday.

After speaking with Leviner, officers contacted the 12th grader student the suspect was speaking with in the social media post.

He initially denied knowing the suspect having a social media account and having knowledge of the posts in question, according to the incident report.

The 12th grader's mother was present when he was speaking to officers and reportedly questioned him about his involvement.

The 12th grader eventually admitted to the suspect talking about bringing guns to school when the 12th grader asked if classes were canceled.

The suspect wanted the 12th grader to help him but the 12th grader told officers he didn't want to get involved with bringing guns to school or assisting in a school shooting.

Authorities then made with the suspect and his parents, according to the incident report.

The suspect said he was on Facebook when the 12th grader began talking about bashing his head in on top of a bus.

The suspect reportedly admitted during the conversation he began talking about coming to school with an Uzi and a ski mask.

He reportedly also made statements about bringing Glock 23's and making sure he didn't get caught by not leaving any evidence and waiting until he had a "crew."

The suspect reportedly admitted to posting these statements without thinking and that he was "talking out my butt."

When officers asked the suspect if he really wanted to shoot up the school, he replied, "Personally no I really don't want to, that can ruin further occupations and education," according to the incident report.

He then told officers he did not have any weapons nor access to any weapons.

Officials with the Summerville Police Department say the juvenile has been charged with unlawful communication for the threats they made on social media eluding to committing a school shooting.

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