SCDOT prepared to fix damaged roads following Lowcountry winter storm

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The snow is off the roads, but now is the time we start seeing damages left behind.

James Law with SCDOT said there is damage to the roadways where plows moved the snow and ice, and drivers are noticing.

"Pretty much ran my truck into most of the potholes," Shaneiqua Scott said. "You don't see them until you get on the holes."

Scott said she didn't see the holes until she was in them, and realized that wasn't good for her truck.

"I'm going to mess up my front end or tear up the front end of my truck," she said.

Law said roads and interstates are seeing damage from the plows.

"We have more potholes than we had before, we've got some reflectors on the interstate and other roads that has been torn up," he said.

Law said he isn't sure of the damages, or how much it will cost, but DOT is looking into it.

"Our engineers will make an assessment of all of those damages and they will be fixed," Law said.