No charges filed after Mt. Pleasant parents warn man tried to lure kids

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say there will be no charges filed at this time after officers investigated an incident at a Mount Pleasant neighborhood where a woman reported a man tried to lure her children in to a van.

Mount Pleasant police say the investigation started Tuesday night when officers responded to the Somerset Oaks neighborhood in reference to suspicious activity.

"The complainant advised officers that a white male in a white van asked a group of children if they wanted to see his dog," MPPD officials said in a statement."The children declined and the man drove off."

According to police, another neighbor approached the man and asked him to slow down in the neighborhood because they thought he was driving recklessly.
"Detectives identified and located the man this afternoon," police said."After the subsequent investigation, it was determined that no charges would be filed at this time."

Jennifer Hester said she was the one that called police after her children were playing outside and a man pulled around their cul-de-sac and started talking to them.

"He called out to my children and said, 'Hey come see my dog,'" Jennifer said.

"He rolls down the window and asks us, 'Do y'all want to come see my dog? She's really nice and loves kids,'" said Capers Hester, the eldest of the Hester children. "We said no. He then got out of his car and started approaching us and he kept trying to get us to see his dog and we kept saying no."

That's when another Hester child ran inside to get Jennifer.

"As soon as he saw Emily going inside, he started going back to his car," Capers said. "He opened up the door and said, 'Oh, I live in this neighborhood. Nevermind, I sound really weird.' That's when the man drove off."

After calling police, Jennifer took to Facebook explaining what happened.

Mount Pleasant Friends: PLEASE SHARE THIS POST! Just this evening, January 9, 2018 at 6 PM, my children were playing outside in front of our house. A white male approximately age 40 was driving around and around our little neighborhood going from one cul-de-sac to the other cul-de-sac trolling the neighborhood. He was driving a white Dodge Caravan with some type of SC vanity plate and a Quicksilver sticker in the back of the van. He ran a stop sign and was told not to run stop signs by our neighbor. He replied that it was okay because he was local. He once again went around our cul-de-sac, parked at the road leading out of our neighborhood and once the neighbor was out of sight, GOT OUT OF HIS VAN, and approached the kids. He told them to come see the dog in his van. My kids said no because they were going inside. He insisted that they come to the van to see the dog, because the dog likes children. The kids continued to insist no and he continued to cajole them to get in the van. Once one of my kids ran in to get me he drove away very fast. (He parked a couple of houses down from ours with his car still running facing the road to leave the neighborhood. He comes back two houses to try to lure my kids in his van.) To summarize, PLEASE be on the lookout for a white Dodge Caravan. He had a trailer he was pulling tonight. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that he is looking to kidnap a child. The police came to the house and have made a report. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST, EDUCATE YOUR KIDS, and REPORT THIS MAN IF SPOTTED IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD! I am praising God that my kids didn't take his bait and that we will be putting them all to bed tonight. I am very aware that tonight could have ended so very differently.

UPDATED TO ADD: Neighborhood is Somerset Oaks off of Lieben Rd.

SECOND UPDATE: comments that are rude or judgmental will be deleted. The aim of this post is to promote awareness and to get an evil man apprehended. The police have been notified and have been to the house and are increasing the patrol in our neighborhood.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I credit regularly watching the Safe Side Super Chick DVD with my kids knowing what to do. I HIGHLY recommend it for kids!

The Hesters say they refuse to let the incident change their lives.

"We are still going to play in the streets because this is our neighborhood. This is where we live and we're going to keep it safe," Jennifer added. "If all the safe people retreat and hide, we've lost already to fear. And we are not going to lose to fear."

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