SCDOT, Tri-county officials working to repair numerous roads after snow and ice

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Numerous roads in the Lowcountry are covered in potholes after the snow and ice last week.

South Carolina Department of Transportation officials says when the snow and ice melt they tend to open up cracks that already existed in roads. Then when people drive over the cracked roads, it pulls up chunks of asphalt and creates potholes.

SCDOT is assessing road damage and is preparing a list of roads that will need to be repaved.

Crews are working to patch the potholes for a temporary fix. DOT officials say the next step is for a number of roads to be resurfaced.

The damage on the road must be assessed, engineers must submit a request to Columbia for money to fix the roads and the work is then contracted out.

There is no set timeline on how long road repairs will take.

SCDOT officials say some of the roads that were damaged by the snow and ice were already on the list for repairs and have contractors assigned to the project.

State workers are looking to fix roads as quickly as possible because the longer the wait the more expensive repairs will become.

The state gas tax is used to fund upgrades and repaving of roads.

Charleston County contractors will be working to repair the damaged asphalt on Michaux Parkway on Sunday. The parkway will be closed to all traffic starting at 7 p.m. on Sunday and will reopen at 6 p.m. Monday.

Charleston County official says there are no other road repairs scheduled as a result of the snow and ice.

Dorchester County Public Works is still working to identify roads damaged by the winter storm. The list is not complete, but Carolinian Drive off of Highway 165 is on the list.

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