Residents upset over dirt mine expansion in Huger

Residents upset over dirt mine expansion in Huger

HUGER, SC (WCSC) - A mining company in Huger wants to expand a dirt mine from five acres to 32 acres.

Many people who live nearby are not so happy about it.

It can be hard to miss driving down Church State Road in Huger, but right next to a busy roadway sits an active, five-acre dirt mine.

"We live less than two miles from the site," Resident Anne-Magille Payne said.

The site is owned by DONMAR Sand Mining. The company wants to expand that five-acre mine to six times its size.

"We have to look at the impacts that it has on the community and the infrastructure and take that into consideration before profits for companies," Payne said.

People who live in this area say one of their biggest concerns is how expanding the mine could impact nearby roads. Residents say that Clements Ferry Road already has so much traffic on it that they're worried expanding the mine and adding more dump trucks could make it even more dangerous.

"I have unfortunately seen some awful wrecks, including deadly wrecks, at the corner of 41 and Charity Church Road," Payne said.

That's a problem community advocate Lisa Kern is worried could get even worse with the expansion. She's also worried the runoff from the site could hurt nearby waterways and marshes.

"Some of the runoff is actually going through the backyards of some of the residents in this community," Kern said.

Live 5 News reached out to the company that owns the mine to see what they had to say about these concerns. So far, no one has responded.

A letter the company filed to the Berkeley County Board of Zoning Appeals states, "Pedestrian and/or transportation corridors will not be negatively impacted." It also states that the expansion wouldn't adversely affect the welfare of the community.

"Our roads cannot handle empty dump trucks, much less full dump trucks. The infrastructure is not here," Payne said.

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