Gas prices on the rise across South Carolina

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Gas prices are on the rise across the state.

In the last week, the cost of gas has risen by 3.8 cents, according to a recent report from gas price website GasBuddy.

"Man, they've been rising," Charleston resident Jennifer Koll said. "It's been kind of tough to find a place that you can get a good price these days."

GasBuddy surveys more than 3,000 gas stations in South Carolina every day.

But people here in Charleston said they didn't need to hear the report to notice the rising prices.

"I actually pulled in here and noticed how expensive it was," said Catlyn Taylor.

As of Sunday, the average cost of gas was about $2.28 per gallon. This same time last year, gas was about $2.10.

And in 2016, gas only cost about $1.68 per gallon.

"Yeah, I've had to save money a little bit more, focus more on how I'm going to pay for gas," Allison Salas said.

A spokesperson from GasBuddy says oil prices right now are the highest they have been since 2014 which is part of the reason gas prices have been rising.

That same spokesperson also said gas prices could go down in the next couple of weeks because gas production is strong right now.

"Hoping it goes down or stays steady," Koll said. "That kind of helps out with some of the commutes."

GasBuddy's recent report also noted that gas production is high right now which could mean discounts on gas prices in the next few weeks.

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