Judge sets bond for suspected North Charleston serial burglar

Mugshot of suspect. (Source: NCPD)
Mugshot of suspect. (Source: NCPD)
Surveillance photo of suspect. (Source: NCPD)
Surveillance photo of suspect. (Source: NCPD)
Surveillance photo of suspect. (Source: NCPD)
Surveillance photo of suspect. (Source: NCPD)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A judge set bond Saturday morning for a suspected North Charleston serial burglar.

Frank Washington, 34, was charged with five counts of second-degree burglary, one count of strong-arm robbery and one count of property crime enhancement.

Bond was set at  $50,000 bond was set for each of the five counts of second-degree burglary, totaling $250,000. The judge set bond at $15,000 for the strong arm robbery charge and added a $10,000 bond for property crime enhancement.

On Friday, the North Charleston Police Department arrested 34-year-old Frank Washington and charged him with four counts of second-degree burglary and one count of strong-arm robbery.

"During an interview with Investigators, Washington confessed to all crimes and told investigators that he either sold or traded the stolen items for money and drugs," NCPD officials said.

Two burglaries at Hot Spot on Remount Road 

The first incident happened on Jan. 9 when officers responded to the Hot Spot on 1266 Remount Road for a burglary.

Employees say they found the glass front door had been damaged and a hammer was lying on the floor.  Video surveillance showed a man taking $300 worth of cigarettes, $80 worth of cigars and two cases of beer.

Police responded to the same business on Jan. 14 where blood was seen on the floor.  An employee said she noticed the glass on the front door had been shattered again.

A police report states that the surveillance footage showed an alarm sounding. However, the company did not notify Charleston County Dispatch and as a result, officers were never notified of the burglary.

NCPD officials say the suspect used a hammer to shatter the glass to get inside the store where he took about $1,000 worth of cigarettes.

Subway strong-arm robbery 

Then on Jan. 15, police investigated a robbery at the Subway on McMillan Avenue. Video showed an employee making a sandwich for a suspect while another suspect could be seen lingering around the front door.

Police say the first suspect was seen on video grabbing an employee's hand and slamming it onto the counter.

The suspect is seen struggling with the victim, and continuing to grab and punch the victim in the back of her head.

According to police, the suspect grabbed the cash drawer and ran out of the store.

Burglary at Exxon Mobile on Rivers Ave. 

Finally on Jan. 18, police responded to the Exxon Mobile on 3700 Rivers Ave for an alarm.

Officers found the glass door broken and blood on the door. A hammer and a roll of lottery tickets were located on the floor.

Video showed a suspect breaking the door and going inside the business. He is then seen taking cigarettes and lottery tickets.

Burglary at Cheap Way 

Washington was also tied to a burglary at Cheap Way on 3615 Dorchester Rd.

Police say the suspect was seen on camera breaking into the store and then going over the counter loading a plastic bag with cigarettes, cigars, and lighters.

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