Gov. McMaster calls for change to state law on electric charges

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC/WIS) - Even though construction on two nuclear reactors was abandoned at the V.C. Summer Plant in Fairfield County, electric customers are still paying for it.

Gov. Henry McMaster said Tuesday he wants changes to a state law that allows electric companies like SCE&G to charge customers extra money to pay for the project.

The governor said not only should power bills be rolled back, but also the charges for those reactors should be canceled and refunded.

"So those people need their money back, and they need not to spend another penny to build those reactors," McMaster said. "I think it's unreasonable. I think it's unconscionable to expect the customers, the ratepayers who had no choice in any of this, who had nothing to do with this, are just customers, for them to have to bear the burden of those errors and those mistakes will not work."

Meanwhile, a merger is in the works between Dominion Power and SCE&G. The plan, announced on Jan. 3, calls for cash payments to all customers within 90 days of closing.

Those cash payments could come in the form of checks up to $1,000 for the average SCE&G customer, the utility said.

But McMaster said Tuesday that isn't enough.

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