For one Georgia school district, snow days aren't a problem

For one Georgia school district, snow days aren't a problem

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - An unusual snow storm caused Lowcountry students to miss several days of school earlier this month.

Some of that missed classroom time has to be made up, but some is being forgiven by the state's education department.

Last week, the Atlanta area experienced severe winter weather that closed down schools as well, but with one major difference: even though the schools were closed students in Gwinnett County Public Schools still had

Bernard Watson, with the Gwinnett County Public School System, says snow on the ground is no day off from learning.

He says the district has implemented Digital Learning Days to avoid having to make up missed instructional time.

"Students are able to go online and get assignments that were uploaded by their teachers and are able to complete them at home," he said. "They can use their phones, tablets or computers. And at one point we had 86 percent of our students operating our e-class online system."

Those students who don't have access to devices or the internet are afforded a few days to make up the work when they return to school with no penalty.

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