TAKE A STAND: Government Shutdown

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The great American shutdown of 2018 is officially over. At least for now.

The Senate, the House and President Donald Trump agreed to reopen the government, but, it's only just kicking the can down the road.

The continuing resolution funds our government for only two weeks, through Feb. 8. It won't be long before the bickering resumes from both sides of the aisle.  If there's any good news from the three-day shutdown, the bill to re-open the government includes back wages for all federal workers, including some in the military, who would have gotten smaller paychecks.

But what about Congress?

It's been a paid job since 1855. The very first salary was $3,000 a year. Today, depending on their ranking position, being elected to Congress pays an annual salary of between $174,000 and $223,000.

We heard from some in Congress who asked for their pay to be withheld during the shutdown.

Let's use stronger language. Most Americans didn't see much work during the three-day shutdown.

Only back-and-forth bickering from both parties on who should be blamed.

Every member of Congress should refuse their pay for those three days. Or even better, donate three days of their salary to charity.

No play, no pay.

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