Boeing unveils first plane to showcase UN sustainable goals

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Chinese Ambassador to the United States Tiankai Cui made a visit to Boeing South Carolina on Friday to tour the first airplane to display sustainable goals for the United Nations.

Xiamen Airlines is the first airline to cooperate with the UN in promoting its seventeen sustainable development goals.

"Xiamen airlines, as the airlines fly millions of passengers every year so Xiamen Airlines would like to help the United Nations promote their seventeen goals for sustainability," Zhao Dong, the Xiamen Airline's translator said.

The seventeen goals range from eliminating poverty, to affordable and clean energy, which the airline says this plane is evident of.

"Xiamen Airlines is making a lot of effort on the fuel saving they do save carbon consumption and everywhere they will save ninety thousand tons of fuel. So, they are demonstrating one of those sustainable development goals for emissions," Dong's translator said.

When the plane is seen in the air, it will be a symbol of supper for the goals focused on sustainable development with the symbol for the goals, and the information shown across the plane.

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