Motorcyclist survives 75-foot fall from I-26 overpass in downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A motorcyclist is recovering from a 75-foot fall over the I-26 Cypress Street overpass two weeks ago.

Charleston Police found Jesse Troutt's motorcycle damaged against the retaining wall on the overpass, but no driver.

Emergency crews later found him on the ground below.

Authorities say the incident happened at 2:45 a.m. on Jan. 12.

Troutt says he was driving home from work.

There have been at least two motorcyclists who have died after being ejected off an overpass or ramp in our area.

"I'm glad I'm alive, I'm glad I didn't die, I'd hate if for the people who have not survived such an incident like that," Troutt said.

He says he only remembers going to work the day before, but has no memory of the fall.

"I don't know if it was a dream or a flashback of a light being shined on my face and an oxygen mask maybe going over my face, that's the only thing I can remember going into that whole night," Troutt said.

Charleston Police say Troutt fell into a gated lot which belongs to the Charleston Parks Department.

The firefighters that responded had to cut a lock on the gate to get to him. They say he was conscious, but not alert.

"Always wear your helmets, I would say that," Troutt said. "That's probably the only thing that kept me alive from that fall.

He says he fractured the top of his vertebrae and right shoulder and his two bones on his right forearm snapped. He also has bruises and scrapes on his body and a fractured pelvis.

Police say it was single-vehicle crash.

"I've never would expect myself just to crash like that and fall off, I honestly could think where there is a scenario where someone ran me off the road accidentally," Troutt said. "It still kind of scares me to think about what happened."

He's now with a new outlook on life.

"I feel like there some things I need to change and do, do things better, better life choices," Troutt said.

Jesse says it will be about three months before he can return to work, meanwhile his medical expenses during his recovery continue to rise.

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