City of Charleston set to resurface Spring and Cannon streets after months of delays

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Two major streets in downtown Charleston are getting a long overdue upgrade starting on Monday.

The City is scheduled to resurface Spring and Cannon streets through Saturday.

Those repairs will shut down lanes and close off parking.

Work on the two streets in the downtown peninsula has been ongoing for several months.

Back in October, the city converted both streets to allow two-way traffic. After that, resurfacing was scheduled for early December, but South Carolina Department of Transportation restrictions forced the City to postpone due to cold weather and holidays.

"I think it's about time," Charleston resident Ralph Tanios said.

Tanios lives downtown and says he drives Cannon and Spring Streets almost every day.

"I think driving on these streets is really worrisome for me because I'm worried about getting a hole in my tire," Tanios said.

Several downtown residents said they feel the road repairs are long overdue because of potholes, bumps and cracks in the road that may have caused problems for drivers.

"I think my suspension has been damaged, honestly my breaks," Charleston resident Jeffrey Wagner said.

The city has released a detailed schedule of the road closures, which you can find below:

  • Monday - No parking on Spring Street.
  • Tuesday - No parking on both Cannon and Spring Streets.
  • Wednesday - No parking on both Cannon and Spring Streets.
  • Thursday - No parking on Spring Street until pavement markings are in place. No parking on Cannon Street.
  • Friday - No parking on Cannon Street until pavement markings are in place. No parking on Spring Street within work zone. As pavement markings are installed, parking will be opened.
  • Saturday - No parking on Cannon Street within work zone.

During the construction, parking will be unavailable on Spring Street all of next week. People will be able to park on Cannon Street on Monday only.

The construction will also only leave one lane open for traffic, which has some people worried.

"It's definitely very difficult to find parking spots, and a week of just paving that is definitely going to hold us back a little bit," Charleston resident Teddy Davis said.

But most people said they are optimistic about what the changes could mean for their city.

"With all of this, it will help with less wrecks and hopefully kind of get this traffic through a little better," regular Charleston visitor Baylee Browning said.

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