TAKE A STAND: Tracking Devices

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The recent revelation that U.S. service members who wear fitness trackers while exercising were unknowingly revealing American military locations is a bit embarrassing and very concerning.

A 20-year-old student from Australia made the discovery while looking at online satellite tracking data. The student says finding the data and mapping it is so easy, a child can do it.

It's not embarrassing for the soldiers who are simply jogging, but for the military who didn't realize the data was out there and for the fitness companies and social media companies who, knowingly or unknowingly, making sensitive information available for the world to see.

Being able to see American military activity in places like Syria and Afghanistan is not something the enemy should be able see by simply logging onto wi-fi.  As they should, the Pentagon launched a broad review of these fitness tracking devices.

It's also a reminder for people like us to use the privacy settings on all devices and to be careful with what we share on social media.  We never know who's watching.

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