Contractor wants Charleston to postpone Spring/Cannon St. resurfacing

Contractor wants Charleston to postpone Spring/Cannon St. resurfacing

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The company in charge of the resurfacing project on Spring and Cannon Streets says the work should be halted until March or April.

In a memo sent to the City of Charleston, AOS Specialty Contractors Project Manager Reed Rogers said the city should postpone work until temperatures are "more consistently favorable."

"We have attempted to schedule the milling and paving of Spring and Cannon Streets several times since this work was added to our contract scope last October," Reed said. "Each time, weather delays or poor existing conditions have resulted [in] cancellation of the work."

The company began the milling process on Spring Street at King street Monday based on the 10-day weather forecast available on Jan. 24, Rogers said. But he said as the forecast was refined over last weekend, "it became clear that the SCDOT weather restrictions for paving operations would definitely impact the work schedule."

He said SCDOT restrictions require dry conditions and minimum temperatures, which SCDOT is unwilling to wave, and approval for any paving operations from December through February.

"If we were to proceed during the restricted weather, there is potential for future degradation of the new surface that would not be covered by the warranty," Rogers said.

City of Charleston officials will meet Wednesday to consider the recommendations, city spokesman Jack O'Toole said.

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