Crime Stoppers looking for tips to crack top three cases of 2018

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Years have gone by and Lowcountry crimes are still unsolved.

Crime Stoppers' goal is to close these cases by collecting tips that will hopefully put these crimes to rest.

They say only one small piece of information, that your name wouldn't be attached to, could be a big break in a case.

Officials said three cases they would like to see solved with tips this year are those involving Ariel Morgan, Barri Shank, and Willie Toomer.

Ariel Morgan was shot and killed at a party in Moncks Corner in June of 2014.

"It's just one of those things where it got into a fight and several people pulled out guns and started shooting at each other and she was just an innocent victim," Crimestopper Coordinator Officer Harry Sosa said.

It's been nearly four years since Ariel was murdered.

Her dad explained how the last few years have been.

"Seems like it could be yesterday sometimes," Gary Stevens said."Seems like it could be a long time ago. Sometimes it feels like a dream."

Stevens said so far they haven't got the answers they've been searching for, but he's optimistic that Crime Stoppers is pushing for more tips.

"If something was to come out of it I'd be amazed," said Stevens. "I wish someone would amaze me, step up and do the right thing. But I all I can do is just hope. That's it."

Barri Shank's murder is another case they hope to get enough tips to solve in 2018.

In 2016, Shank and his wife had just checked into the Hyatt Place in North Charleston.

Shank was shot while walking his dogs outside on the hotel property, and died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

"There's no video surveillance, there's no anything on that one. That one's kind of tricky because it happened late into the evening, so it was deserted," said Sosa.

Sosa said if a tip comes in, it's going to be someone who was there moments before or moments after that's going to solve it.

Willie Toomer went missing on Mother's Day of last year.

The Huger man's disappearance still has no ending in sight.

"He went to church, someone gave him a ride home and he just disappeared," said Sosa.

The tips have been coming in regarding Toomer, but nothing concrete.

"We've gotten tips, and it's interesting we've got tips from a lot of different places," said Sosa.

These three cases are all very different.

Yet one thing that could give those still hurting the relief they're searching for is a tip to Crime Stoppers.

"We just want to solve the cases," Sosa said."We're not interested in knowing who you are. We don't care who you are. I mean if it takes the money for you to come out. I don't care, we don't care. So please call us and tell us what's going on so we can finish this case, have that closure for the family and to be truthful it's the right thing to do."

When you submit a tip, you're given a number and they won't know your name.

The number your given is only for the tipster to claim their prize.

"It comes from our new world in technology," Sosa said.

You will remain 100 percent anonymous, and you will only receive the money if it leads to an arrest.

A small tip can do more than solve a case, it can bring relief for families who are waiting for someone to come forward.

"It'll never be closure for me because a piece of me is gone," said Stevens. "But it will be a little bit of a relief to know somebody stepped up for something that wasn't supposed to happen to relieve my mind that someone who did this terrible thing will get caught."

You can call Crimestoppers anonymously at 843-554-1111 or submit a tip here, or on their website. 

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