Lowcountry elementary teacher charged after allegedly placing packing tape over student's mouth

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A teacher has been charged with cruelty to children in connection with an incident in December at E.B. Ellington Elementary School.

Avriel Taylor, 24,  placed clear packing tape over the mouth of a student, 7, while he was sitting at his desk, according to the affidavit.

Taylor moved the victim's desk near the door to a hallway for being disruptive before the incident occurred, the affidavit stated.

Interviews with three other students corroborated the claim of the victim, the affidavit said. The Charleston County Sheriff's office previously said they were looking into the incident.

David Aylor and Mark Peper are attorney's for the 7-year-old student involved.They are investigating the school.

"We want to know who knew about this, it doesn't just stop with the teacher, there are administrators there are policy and procedures in place that were violated," Peper said.

Authorities say the incident happened in December.

Back then, the principal of the school told deputies that the teacher held the tape up, but never put it on the student's mouth.

"What's going to be the continuing thing that's most concerning to us is was there other students, were there other incidents that may be because of the communication between young children and their parents hasn't really developed yet," Aylor said.

Parents of at least 6 children have taken their children out of the school including the alleged victim who is now being homeschooled.

"We can't say enough about the positive work that law enforcement has done they've stepped in and did what the school didn't do they've stepped in and  hopefully have prevented  other children from being abused in any way," Aylor said.

The Charleston County School District issued a statement Friday morning:

Charleston County School District is aware of the charge facing Avriel Taylor, who remains on administrative leave.

We do not have any further comments at this time on this matter.

District officials say the paid leave is required by state law.

A parent of the child said she was alerted about the incident from other parents who have children in her son's class who recounted what happened.

"I was really in shock. I honestly didn't know how to feel," Shayla Randall said."I was angry. I was hurt. But more so, I was disappointed in the safety of our children at the school."

Taylor told students that other students would also have tape placed on their mouths if they weren't quiet, according to the incident report.

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